Behind the Lens

Photography: I am a photographer based in Northern VA working throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia region. Starting out in landscape and travel photography, I fell in love with different methods of leveraging my camera to document the moment, ranging from underwater surf photography to helicopter photography. I don’t really like to lock in to a “defined” look and feel because I believe the style should suit the story, but I generally prefer clean pure colors and sharp bold images. For work, I most often shoot portraits and real estate photography applying the same 

Life’s Journey: It has been quite a journey to get here. I was born and raised on the east coast of Florida where I spent every waking second on the beach. When I was 18, I moved to Colorado Springs where I attended the US Air Force Academy, studied Computer Science, and fell in love with the outdoors. Whether it be the beach or the mountains, sprawling epic landscapes inspired me. Since then, I have served in the Air Force; moved to the DC Metro area; experienced loss and love; become a business professional; got married; and became a father of two. It is an amazing journey. My family means the world to me.

Passion: I believe strongly in the power of photography and storytelling, starting with those you work with day to day. I am an active volunteer and humanitarian and believe that service can truly improve society; the camera provides a unique skill to serve with. There is no better feeling than seeing the impact of your images benefiting an organization doing good in the world. 

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